Hi, I’m Ibaldo. I consult on Branding, Design, UI and Styling for tech companies like Sumo, Subbly, CakePHP, OkDork, Dell and Forter.

Fancy, right? Actually, this is not at all what I do.

I just help guys like Noah, Larry, Oren and Stefan with their businesses. Calling them “companies” is weird. Calling them “clients” is weird. They are all friends to me and people I admire. I only work with people I can relate with.

“Tech companies” is just a coincidence. I have skills, and the guys who value my skills happen to be in tech.

The skills I have are design skills. I can make the awesome things they create look as awesome as they imagine it. As I mentioned earlier, I only work with people I can relate. As a result, I end up caring about their ideas as much as they do. It means I care about the details your developers don’t have time to care about, and I care about the results you cannot afford to ignore.

I’m still working on my case studies, but you can check my dribbble in the meantime.

I’m not available for new projects right now, but you’re always welcome to say hello ;)